You are invited to play.

Hello folks,

Thanks for stopping by to play a while.

I post links to all the games I love to play and that I am looking for others to play with me on.

These games are all internet based and multiplayer so I am looking for others to join forces with to team up and accomplish interesting adventures and quests.

My list of games that I play are:

Minecraft – Java Edition @

Roblox at

Cyberpunk 2044

Grand Theft Auto 5

Eve Online

Assetto Corsa

Fallout 3

Fallout New Vegas

System Shock 2

War Thunder

Capitalism 2

Among Us

I also like to make videos on my streaming video platform at

I like to make computer programs using Skratch too.

I like to make WordPress and Drupal web sites and host them at GeekZoneHosting.Com and MTBN.Net