We got all 5 “Pixel Raiders” Books

I am now the proud owner of all 5 of the famous and very hard to find book series “Pixel Raiders” by Steven O’Donnall aka “BAJO” and Stephanie Bendixsen aka “HEX” Illustrated by Chris Kennett. They are famous gamers, authors, illustrators and TV actors from Australia.

I found this book series after a neighbor moved out and left a box of books and cd’s they did not have room for anymore by our apartment dumpster. After getting hooked on the series with book one I looked for the rest of the series and got books 2 and 3 online.

I want to personally thank BAJO for helping me get the last remaining copies of Book 4 and 5. I contacted him after buying the first 3 books and loving them and then not finding them available on any major book store shelf as they were all out of print.

I asked him if he still had any copies left in his library and if he would sell them to me. At first he said he did not think he had any left. He said he was going to clean out his garage and if he could find any left he would let me know.

I was amazed to find out that he did have 1 copy of each book left in his library. So I bought them and he sent them all the way from Australia to me. I got them in time for my daughter’s birthday. He is even going to send me a personally autographed letter to my Daughter.

My daughter wants to be a YouTube Gamer and Make Videos so this experience was amazing for her to follow along with the books and the epic efforts to complete our Quest to get the entire set. These books will be treasured for years to come.

I really hope the books get a reprint and possibly a cartoon series created from them because the story plot is so cool.

Thank you BAJO and HEX for writing this series of cool books. And thanks to Chris Kennett for illustrating them so wonderfully.

You can find out more about the team at https://www.stevenodonnell.com/ and http://www.stephaniebendixsen.com/ and https://chriskennett.com/pixelraiders

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