Launch Day

We launched SummerStreams.Com today March 23, 2021

SummerStreams.Com hosts videos and photos from gamers that play Minecraft and Roblox games.

SummerStreams.Com also accepts motivational videos and photos to inspire members to personal and professional greatness.

SummerStreams.Com also accepts funny videos that make us laugh.

SummerStreams.Com also accepts training videos on using technology related to the video gaming creator industry .

SummerStreams.Com also has a business model based on advertising through banners that link to affiliate sites and sponsored video advertising.

Our membership list is also monetized through posts which feature our affiliate links and reviews of the products they sell.

Our posts will cover articles focused on gear that video creators will find valuable and helpful in the creation of their gaming videos and reviews of games they like to play.

We also maintain a Docker Image for Clipbucket.Com Community Edition Video Streaming Server which allows for the easy installation of a Clipbucket.Com video server.

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